Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement: Punjab National Bank, DIFC Dubai Branch

Punjab National Bank respects the privacy of its customers and is committed to keeping customers’ personal data and other data confidential and secure.

Basic Rules
Punjab National Bank, Dubai Branch and the members of the Group (the “Bank”) understand how important it is to protect our customers’ personal data. Therefore, the Bank is committed to keeping any personal data customers provide to the Bank through various channels in the course of business. Punjab National Bank, Dubai Branch is registered in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and uthorized and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA).

Customers are responsible for complying with the relevant laws of the jurisdiction in which they are located when accessing the Bank’s website. The Bank will not be liable for the use of the Bank’s website in any jurisdiction.
Before sharing data with the bank, customers must understand and agree:

  1. from time to time, the Bank may disclose customers’ personal data to governmental bodies and uthorities upon their request;
  2. customers’ information may be transferred to Punjab National Bank (“The Head Office”) and other elevant authorized service providers which are registered and/or incorporated in India during ackoffice processing procedures; and

The release of this Privacy Policy confirms that the Bank agrees to protect its customers’ personal data by complying with the DIFC Data Protection Law and other relevant rules and regulations of the DIFC and DFSA.

Collection of Individual and Corporation Details:
From time to time, the Bank may receive customers’ personal data via the various channels through which customers communicate with us, including:

  1. Application forms and other relevant forms customers submit to us (i.e., customers’ name, customers’ contact details);
  2. Verification of the validity and accuracy of customers’ personal and/or relevant corporate details by any third party; and
  3. Relevant details which may be stored or captured on the Bank’s official website server as data or cookies for security or providing a better service to customers.

Types of Collected Personal data:
The personal data the Bank may receive from customers may include, but is not limited to: name, address, contact details, date of birth, I.D. card and/or passport number, place and date of issue of identification document(s), nationality, company (s) owned, annual income, occupation details, financial statements, personal assets and/or investment and/or holding loans, as well as any of personal data which is available to the public

We obtain most of information directly from our customers through applications or other forms, and from maintaining records of information provided in the course of ongoing customer service. We may also obtain information from various other sources such as credit information or identity checks.

The Bank may ask for other information voluntarily from time to time to enable it to improve its service or consider the wider needs of its customers or potential customers. If customers choose not to provide the information the Bank needs to process customers’ requests for a specific products or services, the Bank may not be able to provide customers with those requested products or services.

Sharing of Personal Data/SCP
The Bank respects the privacy of its customers and is committed to keeping customers’ personal data and other data confidential and secure. The bank maintains strict security standards and procedures for the purpose of protecting customers’ Personal Data. The Bank may share the Personal Data to third party service providers for carrying background checks in respect of client due-diligence, wherever applicable, to support/back office services, other banks, third parties as required by law/to help the Bank in various recovery measures, fraud investigation agencies, relevant regulators, statutory authorities to comply with the statutory/regulatory/legal obligations.

PNB entities
We transfer data across PNB businesses and branches for various business purposes (see section ‘Purpose of processing Personal Data/SCP’ for the full list). We may also transfer data to centralised storage systems or to process it at a central point within PNB for efficiency purposes. For all internal data transfers, we rely on our Service Level, and on the applicable local laws and regulations.

Government, Supervisory and Judicial authorities
To comply with our regulatory obligations, we may disclose data to the relevant government,
supervisory and judicial authorities such as

  • Public authorities, regulators and supervisory bodies such as the central banks and other financial sector supervisors in the countries where we operate.
  • Tax authorities may require us to report customer assets or other personal data such as your name and contact details and other information about your organization. For this purpose, we may process your identification data like social security number, tax identification number or any other national identifier in accordance with applicable local law.
  • Judicial/investigative authorities such as the police, public prosecutors, courts and arbitration/mediation bodies on their express and legal request.

Financial institutions
To process certain payment and withdrawal services, we may have to share information about the customer or its representative with another bank or a specialised financial company. We also share information with financial sector specialists who assist us with financial services like

  • Exchanging secure financial transaction messages;
  • Payments and credit transactions worldwide;
  • Processing electronic transactions worldwide;
  • Settling domestic and cross-border security transactions and payment transactions; or
  • Other financial services organizations, including banks, superannuation funds, stockbrokers, custodians, fund managers and portfolio service providers.

Service providers and other third parties
When we use other service providers or other third parties to carry out certain activities in the normal course of business, we may have to share personal data required for a particular task. Service providers support us with activities like

  • Designing, developing and maintaining internet-based tools and applications;
  • IT service providers who may provide application or infrastructure (such as cloud) services;
  • Legal, auditing or other special services provided by lawyers, notaries, trustees, company auditors or other professional advisors;
  • Identifying, investigating or preventing fraud or other misconduct by specialized companies;
  • Performing specialized services like postal mail by our agents, archiving of physical records, contractors and external service providers; or
  • Carrying out securitization arrangements (such as trustees, investors and the advisers).

Purpose of processing personal data

  • Performing agreements to which you are a party or taking steps prior to entering into agreements. If you are a representative of a corporate customer, we may use your personal data to enter into an agreement with the customer, and to contact the customer when needed. If you are an individual providing guarantee for the customer, or a beneficiary of payment instruments we may use your personal data to enter into an agreement or executing a payment order in connection to our arrangements with the customer. We may verify your capacity and powers using trade registers or incumbency certificates;
  • Business process execution, internal management and management reporting. We process personal data for our financial services operations and to help our management make better decisions about our operations and services;
  • Safety and security. We have a duty to protect all personal data and to prevent, detect and contain a data breach or fraud involving personal data collected to comply with regulations against money laundering, terrorism financing and tax fraud. To safeguard and ensure the security and integrity of PNB, the financial sector, clients and employees, we may
  1. Process your personal data to protect your organisation´s assets from fraudulent activities, for instance in case your identity is compromised.
  2. Use certain personal data (e.g. name, account number, age, nationality, IP address, etc.) for profiling to detect fraudulent activities and the actors behind it.
  3. Use your personal data to alert you in case we detect suspicious activities involving your business´s assets, for example a transaction is taking place from a non-typical location.
  • Compliance with legal obligations to which we are subject. We process personal data to comply with a range of legal obligations and statutory requirements (anti-money laundering legislation and tax legislation etc.). For example, know your customer (KYC) rules and regulations require PNB to verify the identity before accepting you as a customer. Upon request by authorities, PNB may report the transactions carried out by customers.

When processing is not compatible with one of above purposes, we ask for your explicit consent which you may withhold or withdraw at any time.

Applicable laws require us to retain personal data for a period of time. This retention period may vary from a few months to a several years, depending on the applicable local law. When your personal data is no longer necessary for a process or activity for which it was originally collected, we delete it, or bundle data at a certain abstraction level (aggregate), render it anonymous and dispose of it in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Protection of Customers’ Personal Data
The bank maintains strict security standards and procedures for the purpose of protecting customers’ personal data.
No data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed as secure. If a customer’s browser is appropriately configured it should tell the customer whether the information the customer is sending will be secure (generally by displaying an icon such as a padlock). The combination of a secure browser at the customer’s end and the Bank’s security measures provide customers with the best security currently available.
Once the Bank receives a customer’s information, the Bank will take all reasonable steps to protect that information.
If the Bank no longer needs a customer’s information, the Bank will destroy or de-identify it.

Your Rights and Choices
Access to and Correction of Your Personal data
You have the right to access information held about you. Your right of access can be exercised in accordance with DIFC and other applicable laws. Any access request generally comes at no cost to you, but may, where permissible, be subject to a fee to meet any extraordinary administrative costs in providing you with details of the information we hold about you.

When you contact us about a potential Personal Data error, we will endeavor to confirm or verify the information in question, then correct verified inaccuracies and respond to the original inquiry. We will endeavor to send a correction notice to businesses or others whom we know to have received the inaccurate data, where required and / or appropriate. However, some third parties and third-party sites may continue to process inaccurate data about you until their databases and display of data are refreshed in accordance with their update schedules, or until you contact them personally to ensure the correction is made in their own files.

You may also request that we restrict, erase or otherwise process your Personal Data in line with the relevant articles providing for such rights set out in the DP Law.

Liabilities of the Bank
The Bank is not liable for any potential loss or damages under the following conditions:

  • Natural disaster, war, terrorist attack, interruption of electric power, fire, water, etc. which is beyond the Bank’s control.
  • Disclosure, misuse, lending/delegation to any third party, by the customer.
  • Telecommunication problem(s) which are beyond the Bank’s control.
  • Functionality problems with customers’ electronic devices.
  • Misuse of the Bank’s services.
  • Any other circumstances which are beyond the Bank’s control.

How to Contact us?
From time to time, if customers require can visit our branch and/or contact us on (+971) -4-325 7727 directly during our office hours: Sunday to Thursday 9 am to 6 pm GMT+4, excluding official public holidays in the UAE.

Our Bank’s Customers
In addition to this privacy policy, our customers must also accept and be bound by any other relevant banking policies that are issued by the Bank. Such policies may be released to our customers either by mail and/or any other electronic methods.

All materials covered in this website may not be copied in part or in full or used for any public and/or commercial purposes without the Bank’s prior written consent.

Contact Channel in-related to data protection and policy
If customers want access to data, correction of data or for information regarding our data protection policy and kinds of data held, they are welcome to address such inquiries to:
The Data Protection Officer Punjab National Bank, Dubai Branch (Address, contact details, email ID)

Punjab National Bank,
(Regulated by DFSA)
802, The Gate Building, West Wing
Dubai International Financial Centre,
PO Box No 506844, Dubai, UAE.
Contact: (T) +971-4-3257727, (F) +971-4-3257256

Governing Law
This website is prepared and maintained by Punjab National Bank, Dubai Branch, and is governed by the laws of DIFC. From time to time, information and/or services may be amended in accordance to upcoming changes of the governing law.

Amendments and Changes
Customers must agree that the Bank may amend and/or change this privacy policy and other relevant policies in relation to customers’ bank accounts from time to time. All updated policies will either be uploaded at the Bank’s website or by other e-channels or by mail.

Review of this Policy
We keep this policy under regular review