WRIST ORANGE BLOSSOM TRA LIGHTNING September 30, 2015 1 COMMENT choose your favorite, reliable and suitable for everyday use in the table, replica watches and it is not easy, often require "poor under the blue sky on their lives" in the table of hard to find the sea. In my opinion, this has been the fate of help sometimes. Replica Watches Very happy I chose 116400 Rolex watch,replique montre which is what I usually always wear a watch. Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf Ecstasy seconds shielded God somehow, the table is still an official Chinese name. Second clock distinctive features, Flanagan looked like a thunderbolt, gas side leakage Sao orange second hand, give an alias - August Lightning. And I have this, because it is a black dial, the so-called black face August lightning. Dial Milgauss above words,replique montre is the English name of this table, that means 1000 Gauss. As the name suggests, the table has 1000 gauss antimagnetic capabilities. 1000 Gauss Antimagnetic is the concept? Mechanical male form, for example, according to table anti-magnetic series, the 4800A / m magnetic field,orologi replica Replica Watches the residual effect no longer than 30 seconds. In accordance with the terms of Rule 1 Gauss equal to 80A / m and anti-magnetic rolex replica watch 1,000 gauss, can withstand 80000A / m magnetic field, which is already much higher than the ordinary anti-magnetic watch. Milgauss first generation was launched in 1956 and discontinued in 1980. After 20 years of silence, the Rolex in 2007 and launched the second generation Milgauss, with a total of two models, namely 116400GV and 116400, commonly known as green glass needles and lightning flashes surface needle is divided into black and white flour. The price, models of green glass because of the sapphire crystal green, more rare, so that the price is higher. But I think you do not watch collectors, day wear the same performance in the case, there is no need to choose green glass, in order to place a black face in August lightning purse. For several years after the advent in 2007, Milgauss represents the highest level of anti-magnetic watch, even in the present,cheap rolex replica anti-magnetic ability even at the table, which is also rare.
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