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With over 38 million satisfied customers and 4668 offices, PNB has continued to retain its leadership position among the nationalized banks in India. The bank enjoys strong fundamentals, large franchise value and good brand image. Besides being ranked as one of India's top service brands, PNB has remained fully committed to its guiding principles of sound and prudent banking Cheap Graduation Prom Dress.

Since its humble beginning in 1895 with the distinction of being the first Indian bank to have been started with Indian capital, PNB has achieved significant growth in business which at the end of March 2009 amounted to USD 71,858 Mio. Today, with assets of more than USD 48,683 Mio, PNB is ranked as the 3rd largest bank in the country and with 4668 branches it is having the 2nd largest network rolex replica watches.

Bank has a strong capital base with capital adequacy ratio as per Basel II at 14.03% with Tier I and Tier II capital ratio at 8.98% and 5.05% respectively as on March’09. During the FY 2008-09, with 39% share of low cost deposits, the bank achieved a net profit of USD 609.00 Million, maintaining its number ONE position amongst nationalized banks. As on March’09, the Bank has the Gross and Net NPA ratio of only 1.77% and 0.17% respectively.

PNB has always looked at technology as a key facilitator to provide better customer service and ensured that its ‘IT strategy’ follows the ‘Business strategy’ so as to arrive at “Best Fit”. The bank is covering all the branches of the Bank under Core Banking Solution (CBS), thus covering 100% of its business and providing ‘Anytime Anywhere’ banking facility to all customers including customers of more than 2000 rural branches. The Bank has also been offering Internet Banking Services to the customers of CBS branches like booking of tickets, payment of bills of utilities, purchase of airline tickets etc. Towards developing a cost effective alternative channels of delivery, the bank with more than 2150 ATMs has the largest ATM network amongst Nationalised Banks.

In order to increase its international footprints, the Bank continues its selective foray in international markets with presence in Hong Kong, Dubai, Kazakhstan, UK, Shanghai, Kabul and Norway. PNB- DIFC is a wholesale banking branch catering to the requirements of corporate and professional clients. The branch business profile would comprise of

a.) Corporate Finance
b.) Trade Finance
c.) Loan Syndication One Shoulder Prom Dresses
d.) Treasury Operation


The Bank also has a joint venture with Everest Bank Ltd. (EBL), Nepal. Bank is also in the process of up gradation of RO in China and Norway, Opening a subsidiary in Canada and establishing a joint venture ‘Druk PNB Bank Ltd’  in Bhutan.

Bank continues with its goal to become a household brand with global expertise. Amongst Top 1000 Banks in the World, ‘The Banker’ listed PNB at 190th place. Further, PNB is at the 1166th  position among 48 Indian firms making it to a list of the world’s biggest companies compiled by the US magazine ‘Forbes’.

Punjab National Bank continues to maintain its frontline position in the Indian Banking Industry. In particular, the bank has retained its NUMBER ONE position among the Nationalized Banks in terms of number of Branches, Deposits, Advances, Total Business, Operating and Net Profit in the year 2008-09. The performance highlights of the Bank in terms of business and profit are shown below: Cheap Pool Covers

(in USD Mio)



Mar’07 Mar’08 Mar’09
  Deposits 27,575 32,819 41,356
YoY Growth (%) 16.9 19.0 26.0
  Advances 19,045 23,561 30,501
YoY Growth (%) 29.4 23.71 28.96
  Total Business 46,620 56,380 71,858
YoY Growth (%) 20.6 20.93 27.45
  Investments 8,910 10,645 12,497
YoY Growth (%) 10.1 19.47 17.40
  Net Worth 2,057 2,126 2,591
YoY Growth (%) 11.30 3.35 21.87
  Assets 32,023 39,239 48,683
YoY Growth (%) 11.8 22.53 24.06
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